Major PEP Projects

The Public Education Project has launched a national campaign to educate Americans of all ages in the history of their federal government. PEP seeks to reframe that history as the collective story of the grand mosaic of government agencies that since 1789 have worked to address issues of importance to the nation. The evolving campaign will feature two interrelated tracks: one dedicated to historical messaging to improve general public awareness and understanding of federal government history, and the other to providing historical materials to teachers and learners in grades K through 12.


Reaching out to the American public with stories of the grand mosaic of federal agencies.

In 2023 PEP launched a YouTube Channel presenting a series of short, lively videos on federal agencies designed to interest viewers in learning more about those and other agencies and programs. The first video will roll out on 4 July. There will be a new video every two weeks. Please subscribe and turn on notifications to stay up to date. Stories are gleaned by PEP historians from trustworthy historical sources posted by the agencies themselves. See also several exciting videos at PEP Productions. PEP will continue to present, through projects such as these, compelling stories and episodes from federal history, utilizing social media and digital platforms, as well as traditional print media and in-person interaction.


Grades K through 12.

We will work in various ways to foreground our vision of federal history in the teachings and practices of the nation’s school systems, public and private. This will include developing instructional materials to be adopted in history curricula and reaching out in numerous ways to the community of educators to encourage greater study of the mosaic of federal history.