Major PEP Projects

The Public Education Project has exciting plans for an engaging national campaign to educate Americans of all ages in the history of their federal government and to reframe that history as the collective story of the individual agencies that work to benefit the nation. This campaign will develop along two independent tracks. PEP will announce when they are ready to launch.


a national messaging campaign making extensive use of social media.

The campaign will include specially designed videos and other media presenting remarkable personalities and episodes from the histories of select federal agencies. And it will provide tools and links to sources for those interested in exploring further. The educational videos PEP has already produced represent a dynamic start in this direction.


a federal history learning initiative for teachers and students in grades K–12.

We will work in various ways to foreground our vision of federal history in the teachings and practices of the nation’s school systems, public and private. This will include developing instructional materials to be adopted in history curricula and reaching out in numerous ways to the community of educators to encourage greater study of the mosaic of federal history.